Metro Atlanta | Buckhead: Tremendous Assets

Even as some legislators under the Gold Dome were trying to advance a controversial proposal for Buckhead to split from the city of Atlanta, the affluent community continued to welcome an assortment of companies moving into the area. Invest Atlanta, the official economic development authority for the city of Atlanta, assisted with several of those newcomers, including Salesforce, FLEETCOR, FullStory and Kainos. More than 1,100 jobs were created by 12 companies alone in industries ranging from technology and mobility, hospitality, service, and supply chain and advanced logistics.

“Buckhead has been a tremendous asset to us in the city,” says Eloisa Klementich, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta. “I’ve had a lot of companies land in and call Buckhead home. The huge number of amenities – retail, business, financial and all of the sectors – add to the makeup of [Atlanta] as a city.”

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