Candidate Questions

How will you / do you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance?

These answers are offered as a community service from candidates who chose to respond.
They do not represent an endorsement by the Buckhead Coalition.

Board of Education Candidates, District 4

New Candidate Question:
How will you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance if elected?
  • Mikayla Arciaga: It is crucial that we have clear, measurable guidelines by which the district and the community can evaluate the performance of our superintendent. This has not been the case for several years and detracts from the agency of our parents and community.

These metrics should cover:

    • Student Achievement – with categories addressing early learning, middle grades, and secondary literacy and numeracy
    • Staff/Community Culture – addressing staff & teacher attrition, community engagement, stakeholder involvement, etc.
    • Elimination of performance disparities – addressing gaps in performance for our subgroups, discipline, teacher development, etc.
    • District Management – communication & collaboration with the board, promotes collaboration with staff, promotes collaboration between the City of Atlanta and Atlanta Public Schools
    • Fiscal Responsibility – prepares the budget with ample stakeholder involvement and transparency, routinely makes responsible and sound fiscal decisions
  • Jennifer McDonald: From my experience in corporate America, there should be clear expectations set and agreed upon, a timeline for review, measurement of achievement, action plan for gaps and a timeline to correct any shortcoming. If shortcomings are not reversed, it must be addressed with a 30-60-90-120 day performance plan. The goals and guardrails recently approved by current Board should be a good start to this aspect as well.

Board of Education Candidates, District 7 At-Large

New Candidate Question:
How will you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance if elected?
  • Tamara Jones: The evaluation rubric should be established and updated as part of the district’s 5 year strategic plan, and updated as that plan is updated. In the past the evaluation tool was fixed in the contract negotiation between the district and the superintendent during the hiring process, which I do not support.
  • Stephen Spring: I served as an elected official on Porlant’s School Board. One of the primary responsibilities of being a School Board member is to evaluate, hire, and fire the school system’s “CEO”. I would be examining their employment through (1) student learning as determined by a breadth of measurements, (2) educational attainment of graduating students six years out, and (3) the income earned by graduating students four years out. If we are not preparing our students to complete higher education degrees or to earn living wages in a new economy, then we need to look at how we are structuring schools and learning.
  • KaCey Venning: I will evaluate based upon the guides and guardrails that have been put in place, how quickly the Superintendent can pivot based on the consensus of the voices of the community and board after convening with stakeholders, and how we are tracking in closing the achievement gap.

Board of Education Candidates, District 8 At-Large

New Candidate Question:
How will you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance if elected?
  • Keedar Whittle: Our Superintendent needs to be evaluated based on specific measures that strengthen student outcomes, including:
    1. Increasing parent engagement.
    2. Increasing student literacy and numeracy proficiency.
    3. Building strategic community partnerships.
    4. Enhancing system-wide morale.

And we need to evaluate whether our scholars are graduating ready for college or a career.

Incumbent Question:
How do you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance?
  • Cynthia Briscoe-Brown: Dr. Herring joined APS at an extraordinarily difficult time, when she had to focus on the overwhelming crises of COVID-19 and social unrest while still managing the daily operations of the District. Her extremely limited opportunities to meet staff, visit schools, and engage with the community made it hard for her to develop relationships with the APS family. I appreciate Dr. Herring’s efforts to listen, learn, and respond with respect and grace, even when others did not extend her the same courtesy. As we emerge from pandemic, I see her expanding her focus to move APS forward quickly and effectively.

Board of Education Candidates, District 9 At-Large

New Candidate Question:
How will you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance if elected?
  • Jason Allen: I would evaluate the Superintendent on her ability to achieve goals on school improvement, stakeholder engagement and operational growth of the District. These goals will be aligned to overall system, cluster and individual school improvements outlined within the ABOE strategic plan.
  • D’Jaris ‘DJ’ James: While the current board will be announcing the metric system they will be using to evaluate the superintendent, my hope is that it would include but not be limited to KPIs such as: Business & Finance, Staff & Community Relations, Operation Leadership, Student Outcomes Percentile, Progress of District-wide Results.Also, voters can visit my website at; or can contact me directly at P: 678-670-6321 or E:
Incumbent Question:
How do you evaluate the Superintendent’s performance?
  • Jason Esteves: Historically, we have used an evaluation tool that was developed by the Board and Superintendent behind closed doors. As part of the “student-outcome focused governance” framework, which is an effort to strengthen governance, that will change moving forward–the school district’s performance is the Superintendent’s performance based on specific metrics (goals and guardrails) that have been developed through public engagement. That framework is how I, and the school board, will evaluate the Superintendent moving forward.