Candidate Questions

Would you pursue or oppose an agreement to educate children within the prospective new Buckhead City if it were to become reality?

These answers are offered as a community service from candidates who chose to respond.
They do not represent an endorsement by the Buckhead Coalition.

Board of Education Candidates, District 4

  • Mikayla Arciaga: All children deserve access to a high-quality education. If Buckhead City comes to fruition, I will continue to advocate for our families and students to have access to free, high-quality, public-school options.
  • Jennifer McDonald: I need more detail on a proposed plan. The Georgia constitution prohibits a new school district from being formed so there must be a clear and attainable education plan for these students. They can’t be displaced for a single day. I don’t believe anyone wants that but I would love to see crisp data regarding a plan.

Board of Education Candidates, District 7 At-Large

  • Tamara Jones: I would be open to discussion on the matter.
  • Stephen Spring: Atlanta Public Schools could continue to serve students living outside the City of Atlanta. APS already has structures in place to serve students who do not reside in Atlanta. As mentioned above, we can research models or come up with a model that is very specific to the Buckhead community, in the event that cityhood is established. I, Stephen Spring, am qualified to engage in this work and will keep student learning in the forefront – always.
  • KaCey Venning: If successful to become an independent city, my commitment will continue to be to students first. I cannot advocate for youth limited to city boundary lines. I hope however, that new leadership is selected that will give us a chance to meet your unique needs.

Board of Education Candidates, District 8 At-Large

  • Cynthia Briscoe-Brown: I would need to know the specifics of any agreement before deciding to support or oppose. To earn my support, an agreement would have to clear all the constitutional, legal, and practical obstacles and also actively improve the educational experience for all students, in Buckhead City and in Atlanta.
  • Keedar Whittle: I’d oppose it. The proponents of Buckhead leaving Atlanta can’t have it both ways. If they want to take their tax dollars away from Atlanta and form an independent city, they need to take on the responsibilities of educating that city’s children. I hope they decide to stay.

Board of Education Candidates, District 9 At-Large

  • Jason Allen: If it were to become reality, I would support any efforts of Atlanta Public Schools to develop an agreement to educate children within the prospective new Buckhead City. I believe continuing the relationship with the community and building a partnership early is essential to the continued excellence of the North Atlanta cluster.
  • Jason Esteves: I would advocate for a solution that benefits all students.
  • D’Jaris ‘DJ’ James: I would pursue an agreement that would educate children of the new “Buckhead City” through APS. However, I would ensure the agreement has a contract clause that new Buckhead City would have to commit to the APS system for a minimum of 10 years along with additional details on the financial responsibility of the city.